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How Right Angle Holder evolved…and it kept selling!

My daughter initially took up a 2 years diploma course in Accounting. On her final examination, she needed a larger table to be able to review comfortably; she decided to use our kitchen table.  Books, manuals, notebooks, writing pads and her laptop occupied the table. She would then be holding up her books or manuals or notebooks to alternately reference them and awkwardly work on her laptop which sits flat and higher than it should when she is already sitting on a pillow or two!

The sight made me very uncomfortable! I thought that there must be “something” which can help make things a little bit easier for her. And so I initially constructed some kind of a holder on a fix 45 degree angle; she was elated! But then there are times that I see her tilting the holder up and down as if she can’t read what the book says! I asked her why she was doing that and she replied that lights reflect on some of the writings that she really can’t read it! I thought that a 60 degree angle will help! But the sight of 2 holders atop the table was a clutter to see! So what about an angle adjustable holder?

This father loves this daughter so much that in the coldest of winter in 2012 I started shopping around for materials I have in mind to construct her angle-adjustable holder. It came down to a “floor vent register” from Home Depot and the smallest continuous hinge it can offer. Some magnets from a Dollar Store and a couple of scavenged metal handles from plastic pails and the result is the prototype shown here folks! And she just loved how this holder worked for her that she asked for another one!!!

This father loves this daughter so much but it was sooo hard and complicated to finish one of this that I thought of checking similar item on-line! But lo and behold…lots of holders out there but nothing similar to my prototype! Things started debating in my mind that I logged on to Canada Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) but found nothing similar to it! My mind really went debating when the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) failed to show a similar item!!! What if... and I thought, my GOD, it’s not a big thing but it can definitely give me some income! The thought alone that this will provide the market added options for holders is very fulfilling!


After some Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings and lots of guts, Right Angle Holder came about and its on-line stores started yielding me some income even before a reputed Patent Office in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia secured me U.S. Patent 8424465 B2! We are now slowly building this brand of multi-purpose, angle-adjustable slant board which provides hands free retention of books, documents, laptops, etc.…what with its 20 angle settings of easy “open and deploy” operation! It folds flat and no assembly required folks!

Well, my daughter got tired of doing some accounting work that she enrolled and graduated a BSN course! She now works as a registered nurse in a reputed hospital in Vancouver! And it looks like she’s getting tired of doing nursing job too but who cares? I got lots of holders in stock for her to use…in 6 bold and attractive colours!

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