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Twenty (20) better ways to read, write, draw and sketch.

1.   Shortest stand is designed to provide 3 settings of 5 to 10 degrees of angle.

​The slopes provide better positions in using laptops, netbooks, tablets and convenience in writing, reading, drawing and sketching.

2.   Mid-stand is designed to provide 7 settings of 24 to 34 degrees of angle.


The slopes provide an instant angle-adjustable writing surface! The similar sized top and bottom boards provides a very stable hold and support of laptops, netbooks, tablets, books and other reading materials even when it sits on your lap.


3.   Longest stand is designed to provide 10 settings of 39 to 55 degrees of angle.


Over all, the broad and incrementally adjustable range of angles provide users convenience whether Right Angle Holder is set on the ground, on low or high structured tables or even when simply sitting inside your vehicles!

Book Holder And Stand, Slant Board
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