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The Right Angle Holder


The sleek and innovative Right Angle Holder from Right Angle Holder Ltd. is the ideal product for anyone who read and writes especially those who suffer from eye strain and fatigue, neck stiffness and discomfort following prolonged reading or extended use of a laptop or tablet.  If you find that discomfort and soreness cuts into your reading, studying or working time, or if you find that you must frequently rearrange your reading and working materials, the Right Angle Holder is a highly beneficial piece of tool to have; it may be just the solution for you. 


The Right Angle Holder is easily the most versatile book and laptop holder product of its kind in the market today.  It provides hands free retention of books, magazines, documents, laptops, net-books, tablets and other reading materials. And this is made by the fact that this multipurpose angle-adjustable slant board can be set to twenty different angles, ranging from a 5-degree angle to a 55-degree angle in three categories of settings; guaranteed to provide perfect positions to suit your needs.  The shortest stand option is designed to provide 3 settings of 5-10 degree angles.  These settings are best for use with laptops or netbooks, or for writing, drawing or sketching. The mid-stand option is designed to provide 7 settings of 24-34 degrees of angle. These settings are ideal for supporting a wide variety of reading materials, including laptops, tablets, books or even textbooks.  Many users find that these settings are most comfortable for use on the lap while seated.  Finally, the longest stand option is designed to provide 10 settings of 29-55 degrees of angle. These settings elevate your reading materials higher, and are great for use with standing desks or even for recipe books in the kitchen.


Over all, the broad and incrementally adjustable range of angles provide users convenience whether Right Angle Holder is set on the ground, on low or high structured tables or simply seated on your lap. Because it is so customizable, you will be sure to find a perfect setting that gives you the maximum comfort possible while reading or writing. With this product, the possibilities are nearly limitless.


This product is patented. Although the Right Angle Holder is lightweight and slim in design, it sacrifices nothing in the way of strength and durability. It is made of blow-molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Tiny holes at lower right side of top and bottom boards are not defect. These are compressed air inlet in the process of blow-molding; it will be eliminated on succeeding production of this product.The bottom of the slanting board and base is molded with cavities to provide a strong and rigid top surface. This structure provides a very stable hold of anything on top of it and you will always have a level and sturdy surface to work with; features which makes it very much a traveler’s companion! With its clean lines and smooth edges, there are no pointy or uncomfortable elements to dig into the user’s lap, unlike other products and two-in-one laptops on the market today. This product is built to last for a long time. And to retailers, this is obviously an all-season product that can stay on shelves!


The Right Angle Holder is manufactured in six bold and attractive colors of purple, black, pro-blue, turquoise, warm grey and ruby red. It features stands which are held in place with magnets, and the stands themselves utilize tough and resilient spring wires which are capable of holding even the heaviest textbooks or laptops with ease. The similar sized board is 11 x 15 inches (27.94 x 38.1 cm), which gives it a very stable base, is spacious enough to fully accommodate whatever you require on top of it.  The built in ledge is ¾ inch (1.9 cm) wide and that guarantees that your items will stay in place regardless of the angle setting you select; leaving your hands free to do more: hand-write notes, type, or just relax, etc.


It is also extremely easy to use because of its “open and deploy” operation: lift the top board, select a stand to deploy, adjust it to your desired board slant and experience the many benefits of a customized surface solution! In light of its many features, it is no surprise that customers rate the Right Angle Holder very highly. Many comment that this product “works great”!


Book holders can definitely do you good and a multi-purpose angle–adjustable slant board can serve you best! Find one you need at or at! This product is also available in,, and


The and are live in mobile phones too! Get yours!



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